Monday, June 5, 2017

Mtn Dew-S-A Review

The people at Pepsi must have been sitting around one day, looking at the calendar, and realized that they did not have any patriotic Mtn Dew variety. Quickly, instead of crafting a new flavor, they throw three previously released version in the same bottle and call it a day. Otherwise, I have no idea why Mtn Dew-S-A was made; its bottle is a jingoistic mess, hard to read with text scrolling and colorful strips that scroll in opposite directions.

The alleged flavor is a cocktail of their White Out, Voltage, and Code Red varieties, but I am not sure that is what this actually tastes like. There is a backbone of blue raspberry, the most potent sapor here, one that glosses over the subtle grapefruit and pineapple taste of White Out. Acidity is mild but present, an aftertaste of sweet cherries resides in the tranquil tartness, but both the fruit flavor and the sourness struggle to break free from the shackles of the potation's pervading saccharinity. It is an interesting sugariness, a sweetness that feels restrained on the palate, free of the brand's trademark syrupiness, but it takes just a few sips in and you realize that about all you can taste is sweetness, real or artificial; thanks to using high fructose corn syrup, as well as ace-k and sucralose. By the end of the bottle, Dew-S-A resembles more of a hybrid of Voltage and Diet Voltage than anything else.

Each bottle contains caffeine (ninety three milligrams), forty five grams of sugar, and an undisclosed amount of ginseng. If it sounds more like ingredients for an energy drink than a soda, you would be right, but the sub-hour-long kick says otherwise.

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