Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mtn Dew White Out Soda Review

Mtn Dew White Out is the last of the three Dewmocracy flavours, and it's probably the most mysterious. Its flavour indication, smooth citrus, isn't as obvious as Distortion or Typhoon's(lime and fruit punch respectfully), and while its label design has a snowy, winter look, you can't be sure entirely what to expect. Speaking of White Out's label, the background pattern, although fitting with its sub name and colour scheme, is busy and distracting.

I had no idea what Mtn Dew White Out would taste like, but what it does taste like isn't that bad. It's initially a soft subtle pineapple with a noticeable lime climax, that has an underlying braid between grapefruit and lemon. The pineapple isn't tart or sour, but it does have a fairly high citric quality to it. Disappointingly, the lime is also not sour or tart, and ending up feeling generic and bland. The grapefruit is the predominate flavour during the braid, and part way through the experience the lemon is traded for a light melon that, when tasted along side the lime, makes the flavour have the distinct "Mtn Dew" ambience. Each fruit doesn't taste as artificial as I expected, and neither does the sweetness. While there's still a strong sweetness level throughout, it's far more palatable than regular Mtn Dew, and doesn't leave an oily or syrupy film behind. Overall, Mtn Dew White Out is by far the best tasting of the three new Dewmocracy flavours, and actually, it's the best tasting full sugared Mtn Dew flavour available.

Like its brothers and sisters, Mtn Dew White Out isn't trying to give regular soda a good name. It's full of added sugars(all HFCS), chemicals, and loaded with calories. I never drink soda out side the diet realm, and even then I don't drink much of it. All in all, when it comes time for me to vote for the Dewmocracy, even though White Out was by far my favorite, my vote is going to Vault.

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