Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mountain Spew Voltage

Well it looks like Mountain Dew is having a competition between 3 different flavors, and who ever wins stays. Today I'm reviewing Voltage flavor. It claims to be raspberry-citrus and ginseng flavored Dew. I got a little worried providing I don't like raspberry's but, it sounded like the best out of all of them.

TASTE: When I 1st oped the bottle, I was hit w/ a melted ice pop tube smell. And when the 1st sip hit my taste buds, I was like "THIS TASTES JUST LIKE... I forget, but I no what it tastes like, I just don't know..." We've all had that feeling. The taste is very fake but pleasant but wouldn't be a thirst quencher for sure...

KICK: Well despite having ginseng and has more caffeine(Mountain Dew has 90mg per 20oz. and this 91mg per 20oz.) it wasn't too powerful(but its not an energy drink) but its taste gives it 4/5

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