Friday, March 25, 2011

Diet Mtn Dew Voltage Soda Review

Diet Mtn Dew Voltage, though it uses the same denounced design of its competitor Diet Supernova, is far more appealing thanks to the differentiating colour scheme. The few shades of blue, in combination with the white and the black, now offset the gray and balance it out partially, which was something that just afflicted the previous variety's potential optical interest. I also much like the red that's used to colour some of the overabundant text, however I do dislike the fact that it kinda creates an unintentional Patriotic theme with the presence of red, white, and blue.

The heavy sweetness fondly present in the regular variety is oh-so obvious in Diet Voltage. The flavour is, much like one would expect, false to the fruit it attempts to mimic, which in this case is raspberry, though I'd rather liken it to blue raspberry. There's a coy sourness that's comely with the prior, and it dually aids in adding to the the flavour's intended candy quality as well as instilling an ounce of depth, which is something that's unsurprisingly otherwise ignored. The raspberry also is ineptly zaftig, which shouldn't dumbfound anyone, but it really deters the experience from feeling like anything but a diet beverage. The just whilom is aggrandized by the use of aspartame and ace-k, which while the dyad can potentially provide a buxom sensation, it isn't able to allude to a rotund feel. It's not that the factitious saccharinity broadcasts much of the chemical taste that's commonly a censure of such sweeteners, but rather it feels hollow and alveolated. As a result each sip is unsatisfying and under stimulating, but even though there's no crispness to the product's flavour, the sovereign sugariness and the simplicity of the overall taste is sure to appease most of the line's fan base.

Diet Voltage wisely kept the notoriously high caffeine content(at least compared to most sodas). However with the advent of popular energy drinks, there's now really little reason to buy any such soda for their caffeine content. In the end, Diet Mtn Dew Voltage's flavour is pale when examined juxtapose to the sugar free Supernova variety, which makes my Dewmocracy vote obvious enough not to outwardly speak.

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