Sunday, March 13, 2011

Diet Mtn Dew Supernova Soda Review

Diet Mtn Dew is a personal favourite, so when I heard that there was going to be a Dewmocracy in the sugar free realm, I naturally was quite excited. However, my enthusiasm waned rapidly once the nationwide competing flavours were announced; Diet Supernova and Diet Voltage. And while I am always glad to have such an extension of Mtn Dew, I really wish the potential members were not flavours already experienced with sugar. Diet Supernova comes in a bottle that's distracting at first, and when you're finally able to examine the design you notice that it's entirely boring. The swirled colours doesn't stir visual excitement, and the prominent use gray really makes the label dull and insipid.

My first sip was instantly familiar, as it resembles what I remember regular Supernova tasting like, however the subsequent sips were missing a bit of the robustness initially displayed. The flavour is billed as strawberry melon, which is an accurate description, though I find that the mentioned fruits are seamlessly stitched adjacently, and you taste each individual flavour at once and neither evinces ascendancy. The melon is the more natural of the two, although it still exemplifies a sort of coltish candy quality. The sweetness is apocryphal and obviously so, but it plays this counterfactuality well by directing any aftertaste generally brought about by the such nether to the overall flavour, which prevents it from dominating what's tasted. The strawberry, like previously suggested, lacks any sort of authenticity, but it demonstrates a much heartier candying caliber than the aforementioned melon. The decision of honeying both fruits works in the beverages favour in that it makes up for the audacious deficiency of any garnishings. What follows the billed flavour is an entangling of said fruits in heavily abridged form, and during such time the fluid becomes sternly saccharine. There's surprisingly little synthetic chemical taste to the just former, however the overtness tarnishes any of the product's potential refreshingness. Overall, though regular Supernova wasn't my favourite during its time of availability, its diet representative is surprisingly enjoyable.

Sugar Free Supernova is not an energy drink, but as a soda its caffeine content is quite good(ninety mg), though it isn't unheard of or unsurpassed by others. All in all, Diet Mtn Dew Supernova's enjoyable taste only intensifies my eagerness to experience its competition; Diet Voltage.

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