Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rockstar Cucumber Lime Energy Drink Review

Green jumping off of the Caucasian background, this Cucumber Lime variety is arguably the company's strangest effort yet. Its can, though, fortunately shies away from featuring the fruits on the front of the can, which has in the past plagued some drinks. Otherwise the can is typical Rockstar fare, nothing less and sadly nothing more.

The cucumber flavor resides on the rear of your tongue, an earthy bitterness to a pool of astir aqua. There is a slight melon edge to the astringency, however it is muddled inside the raw experience here, one unlike anything ever reviewed here at the Caffeine King. There is some nuance of iceberg lettuce with every trepidatious imbibe, with each sip supped clumsily as it resembles a New Year's resolution salad more so than your average energy drink. The can claims there to be lime, and aside from a slight sour tickle as you gulp, this is sixteen ounces devoted to the gourd. The effervescence is aggressive compared to the lackadaisical flavor and is the only aspect that ever resembles something normal; even all the fake sugars add to the cultivated plant's dictation. Overall, I can see the direction Rockstar is taking; their next variety? Cucumber and Ranch. They will be the first in, and thusly dominate, the energy drink salad market. Pretty soon we will have caffeinated salads.

Each can contains: taurine, caffeine (160 milligrams), milk thistle, ginseng, and B vitamins. Unfortunately, the flavor is as stock-Rockstar as the can, without any of the unbridled, if not misguided, creativity of the taste. Overall, this Rockstar was not something worth my money, but it is something I'm glad I spent money on.

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Anonymous said...

I thought it tasted more like hay than iceberg lettuce. Like when you leave your soda sitting in the barn and little bits of alfalfa end up floating in it. I couldn't detect any lime involvement at all. I'm going to keep buying it because it helps my headache and doesn't have a sweet aftertaste like some of the otherwise better varieties.

Anonymous said...

It is NASTY. Tastes JUST like a CUCUMBER. Yes, I know.. That's what the label says.. BUT the cucumber flavor is way too strong! You can't even taste the slightest bit of lime. Two thumbs DOWN.. YUCK!!!

Anonymous said...

Horrible, enough said!

Unknown said...

You're all morons who have never had a cucumber in your life. This drink is absolutely amaze-balls. And hits the flavors perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I loved it! Having a hard time finding it though ��

Unknown said...

It is the only Rock Star I like. And the only one that doesn't give me heart burn. And only 10 calories.

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