Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mtn Dew Kickstart Midnight Grape Review

The newest of the sixteen ounce Kickstarts, Midnight Grape's can fits right at home with its older siblings. The purple to black gradient looks pretty fantastic, however the transport's organization leaves something to be desired. The words "Mtn Dew," "Kickstart" and "Midnight Grape" are haphazardly laid about the can, leaving our eyes to piece together its name and to capture the actual flavor out of that decent chunk of text.

The flavor is smooth, with high fructose corn syrup sweetening without imbuing every imbibe with much of a gummy or sticky texture. It surely lacks the grainy nuance or heft of real, pure sugar, but with ace-k and sucralose as its sweetening partners, each sip is not as bad as you would maybe expect. There is only the slightest sourness to any given gulp, and the effervescence's dullness leaves the liquid lackadaisically lounging on the tongue. Well, many sentences in and... did we forget something? That we did, and it would be the actual taste. Grape allegedly is and when I say allegedly, I mean how the flavor dissipates into a sappy, saccharine sensation upon each splash of the purple colored concoction. Pepsico, the producers behind the brand, are no virgins to the vine-grown vegetation, making both Amp and your normal Mtn Dew grade-flavored potations. however they do so here without class, skill, or fun.

The kick to this Kickstart does not do much kicking, lasting an hour maybe, thanks to only: potassium, eighty calories and ninety milligrams of caffeine. On the whole, Mtn Dew Kickstart Midnight Grade occupies a midpoint between energy drink and soda, failing as either and as its own.

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