Wednesday, March 21, 2012

AMP Boost Grape Energy Drink Review

The red of the Cherry version worked this design fantastically, however the purple of this grape variety is a bit underwhelming. It is not a particularly bad colour, and it does indeed work well enough with the surrounding ones, but the scheme simply feels a bit too corporate and reduces the can into one without a personality. Its called now "Boost Grape," with the former one of three new categories in the line, an effort to streamline the brand that instead kills distinction with the loss of individual names, in this case "Traction."

The flavour is woefully dry, lacking a firm sweetness to numb the slight herbal bite that accompanies each unpleasant sip. Perhaps it is more of a medicinal pungency, a slyly mild finish that solely stumbles the experience. Otherwise, the grape taste itself is not too shabby, a bafflingly basic flavour that does not suffer much from either the limited saccharinity or its own doltish simplicity. There are notes of lime and lemon, bland little flavours not lost with the calorie reduction but rather within the organic sapour. On the whole, this is a weight conscious demake of a drink that was only decent tasting to begin with.

There was nothing spectacular about this three hour buzz. There were the onset of jitters, but positively there was no crash. Each can contains: caffeine(160mg), some B vitamins, guarana, taurine, ginseng, and D-ribose. All in all, AMP Boost Grape is as unfocused and incomplete as what it replaces.

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