Monday, March 19, 2012

Tea Mallows Review

Blessed am I to have the opportunity to experience Tea Mallows, one of two new varieties recently released. Its packaging is a bit different from what we saw previously, and the expanded label makes for a much less congested appearance. Appreciatively, the "pop-in power... shot" is not present on this flavour, and now much of all the text is present purely to further explain what one is purchasing.

Cinnamon and brown sugar perfumes off of the rough cracked cube of tooth decaying beauty. It is not only redolent of the two former but both also weigh heavily onto the flavour, however each deliberately meager bite tastes only faintly of tea; sugared ponderously with a slight bitter finish. Both are ideal qualities, and the latter especially marks a sort of surprising alcove of individuality and heterodox desires. It is constantly keeping the experience from falling into the cheap realm of the $.99 bagged confectionery, with the overall saccharinity kindred much to the bland white pillows often roasted over a fire. Though not as emphatic of its inspiration as any of the coffee varieties, Tea Mallows is still an excellent adult adaptation of the jet puffed spongy sweet.

There is 200 milligrams of caffeine per square, and the lone stimulant provides an approximately four hour kick that does the line proud. Overall, Tea Mallows are delineated with toothsome precision, however the lack of actual tea taste forestalls the uniqueness so otherwise deeply demonstrated.

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