Saturday, March 17, 2012

ACUTEfruit Tropical Blast Energy Juice Review

Acute Fruit, or "ACUTEfruit" as it is stylized, is a questionably small eight ounces, and its can is a boring wreck of wasted opportunity. The name is quite catchy, with it rhyming in all, but both the superfluous text and the generic background graphic create an unenthusiastic appearance. It is totally useless to list all of the vitamins towards the bottom, and the terms "Active Mix" and "Powered Drink" are far more confusing than they are informative.

The flavour initially struck me as a syrupy wannabe of any children's juice drink, tasting much of apple and orange with perhaps a touch of red grape. An entirely trite experience thus far, but promptly following is a torpid unsheathing of depth. Subjacent to the former are some pear and raspberry symptoms, both are incredibly mild to taste but add some respected dimension. They all support and benefit from an apportioned tartness, and there is a healthy amount of pulp that gives each sip an unheralded texture. Unfortunately, the diminutive eight ounces allows inadequate time to savour the surprisingly pleasant affair, something I truly did not expect to be saying.

The hour plus long kick was lackluster, thanks to an unimaginative blend of taurine, caffeine, inositol, guarana, and a slew of lettered vitamins. In the end, drink ACUTEfruit Tropical Blast for flavour, if drink it at all.

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