Thursday, March 15, 2012

Arma Hellfire Energy Hot & Spicy Tortilla Mix Review

As unique as it is, Arma Hellfire Hot & Spicy Tortilla Mix, whether or not that is its actual name, is a needless mouthful and is too verbose to be memorable. I guess you could trim it to read just "Arma Hellfire," but that does not elucidate to exactly what it is, and with all this unnecessary vocabulary the packaging certainly does feel a tad distressed. The design itself is otherwise focused, but much of the text is too large to be ignored at a glance.

Hot and spicy is more of a warning than a description, with each uneven handful blazing your mouth with satisfaction. The fragrant mix is heavy on both almonds and those always injured corn sticks, with some seeds and peanuts for a more varied texture. The coating is equal throughout, and the zesty dusting adds heat rather than simply masking the ingredients' own taste, however the ambrosial coating eventually becomes unpleasantly sweet as the bag is emptied. Sure, sweetness sounds like an odd complaint, but there is just an overbearing saccharinity that adds no flavour and is nothing but cloying. It never neutralizes the herbaceous burn to each bite, and fortunately this do not become an issue until rather late in the experience. I ate Hellfire with a spoon, otherwise my pink shirt would be blotted orange thanks to the subconscious wipes of my hand, and overall, this Arma just does not taste as good as either its chip or drink counterpart.

The kick was unfortunate, lasting under an hour thanks to this mediocre blend: caffeine(seventy milligrams), taurine, inositol, and various B vitamins. There is also a whole lotta calories(440) and salt(1010mg), though the former is partially excused as nuts are naturally fatty. All in all, Arma Hellfire Hot & Spicy Tortilla Mix's execution was not as strong as its ambition.

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