Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Great Value Lemonade+Tea Energy Mix Review

These "Energy Mixes" never truly caught on, yet Wal Mart imprudently unleashed at least two new varieties recently. Interestingly, however, these fresh products do actually contain sugar, six grams a packet, which should give this an advantage compared to the purely artificially sweetened ones that have since died out. The carton, who holds seven two-serving envelopes, is quite the looker, surprisingly, reading easily and cleanly even with a lot of text. The pouch itself is also decent to the eyes, condensing much of the box while keeping its clarity.

The mix dissolves with relative ease, and although the Froot Loop scent is enticing, the muddy colour certainly is not. The flavour is actually quite tasty, however, with a strong upfront sourness and a mild overall lemon flavour. It calmly leads into an equally tepid tea taste, noticeably weaker than is the former but ever still nondiscordant with the experience. It gives the citrus some deserved depth, a slightly earthy undertone that conflicts celestially with its fresh ripeness. Sucralose and Ace-K sweeten, along with glucose, crafting a balanced saccharinity that is genuine enough not to noticeably taste synthetic or leave much of an aftertaste. There actually is not one, with the flavour finishing cleanly and leaving no subsequent trace of what you just had the pleasure of consuming.

Each packet contains: caffeine(160mg), taurine, and a minor variety of B vitamins. The buzz lasted a smidgen under three hours, with unexpected jitters rearing in quite soon after emptying your bottle. Overall, Great Value Lemonade+Tea Energy Mix is rather well rounded, and quite a steal for only a buck fifty.


Anonymous said...

Just picked this item up today. So far (first bottle) the taste is pretty good. I am hoping this can replace the energy drinks I live on. At 15 calories a serving it is much better than the 230 calories my energy drinks have. Just crossing fingers the energy boost is the same.

Anonymous said...

I started drinking this at work on third everyday and it made the night seem to go better but Walmart has pulled it off there shelves here. Where can I find it and get shipped to me?Is

Catherine said...

Looking to purchase this drink. Where can I order it from?

Barry Ferguson said...

Ya I really like it and can't find it either.

Anonymous said...

Somethings up... it's off the shelves here too in Idaho

Colin Freeman said...

Seems to be off the shelves here in Nor Cal also. Really enjoyed the Lemon Tea and the two other flavors also..... Last pack from my stash gets mixed on Fri. Please help, where can we find these

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