Sunday, March 11, 2012

Go Girl Peach Tea Energy Drink Review

Go Girl Peach Tea comes in an inoffensive but bland looking can that bores the buyer right out of making the purchase. Its choice of colours are questionable and uninteresting, with the light tones blurring together with little satisfaction. The topmost of the can sports some basic visuals, something that would have been appreciated on the entire design instead of the blank aridness that dominates the lower half.

With an audible crack and a resulting jump from the unexpected reviewer, the first sip is a wonderful administrating of such an underutilized flavour. The fervent focus on peach billows with authenticity, an unremitting mimicking of the fruit, with both a relevant sweetness and balanced texture as it swims down your throat and drips down your chin. Sure, the saccharinity is partly artificial, but it is never forcefully so, and being devoid of effervescence only exalts the already adamant believability. Though in its namesake, there truly is not much tea to be tasted, and alternatively the experience focuses on the more unique half of the appellation. Consider me more than just favourably impressed with this Go Girl variety.

Disappointingly, this kicks noticeably less than any before it, with a reduction of caffeine from 100 to sixty five milligrams. There is also some taurine, inositol, B vitamins, as well as a mild appetite suppressant, but the buzz simply was not up to snuff. In the end, Go Girl Peach Tea tastes so good that you just wish that everything else about it was of identical quality.

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