Friday, March 9, 2012

Pure Kyk Energy Powder Review

Pure Kyk Energy powder is a potent 1.35 grams, with each sachet containing two servings of 150 milligrams of caffeine, a real solid amount. Its pouch is smaller than those that the flavoured stuff you add to water usually comes in, and its aggressive fonts look great off of the clean blackness and the equally urban purple design. My only real complaint is that there is no mention of its impressive caffeine content, which is a true shame considering it should be proudly displayed.

Itself tasteless and even with added Stevia, dumping the entire packet may render your drink herbal and bitter, which was the case with a can of Diet Mtn Dew Supernova. You are still potentially able to finish whatever you added it to, but it is certainly wise to cautiously begin with half an envelope. Unfortunately, pouring in only half is incredibly difficult to judge considering the sachet is not clear, and you end up either mixing in too much or too little. The next issue is that you frequently lose effervescence when stirring in the powder, caused by an ugly eruption of foam marbleized with the combined grain. It was not an issue with a twelve ounce serving of Diet Dr Thunder, with only mild sudsing occurring, though it rendered similar results when 300 milligrams are added, numbing much of the cheap spicy flavour and censoring the artificial sweetness considerably. There were a myriad of different drinks tested, however there is no reason to get specific considering they rendered kindred results. Overall, comparable products succeed where Pure Kyk fails by not turning your drink into a bland and unpleasant beverage.

There is a total of 300 milligrams of caffeine per pack, with some taurine and guarana in unknown amounts. The buzz was a solid five hours long, if the entirety was added, with no jitters or subsequent crash. All in all, if anything, Pure Kyk should be consumed purely for its kick.

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