Wednesday, March 7, 2012

XL Sugar Free Energy Drink Review

Uncomfortably small and unapologetically bland, XL Sugar Free's can is every bit as conventional as possible. The bleak colour scheme represents being low calorie, and the reduced emphasis on visuals are all elements in this elementary exercise of the mundane.

Made in Poland without love, XL Sugar Free drinks unexpectedly smooth with slight bitter undercurrent. The flavour unashamedly copies Red Bull, an unpleasant product that should not have such an influence on so many. You are welcomed into the mediocrity by a chemical vanillin taste, laying heavy on the palate and is shallowly sweetened. There is some sour tutti fruitiness to taste, not exclusively of the expected apple but rather a baffling blend of several unexplained notes that taste suppressed and medicinal. The eight ounces finish swiftly and not a moment too soon, and with no aftertaste your final sip takes all the misfortune you just suffered through down with it. Overall, the experience is not exactly an appalling mess, but is thoroughly and painfully unoriginal.

Each can contains: caffeine, taurine, and several B vitamins. Being so impotent the buzz was unimpressive, lasting two hours tops. Overall, XL Sugar Free is just another Red Bull clone: no more and no less.

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