Monday, March 5, 2012

Starbucks Refreshers Raspberry Pomegranate Energy Beverage Review

Starbucks Refreshers Raspberry Pomegranate is one of three new drinks that use green coffee extract, from unroasted beans, which makes this a very nontraditional coffee energy drink. Unfortunately, the front of the can does not do a suitable job at clearing up all the mystery that is sure to cloud your typical consumer, with the assumption of fruit flavoured coffee being a likely and ever so unsavoury prediction. The back of the can does do an adequate job at explaining that there is no coffee taste, but even so, coffee is what one expects when they see that insignia. Other than that, the can is quite appealing, save for the overabundance of text, but I am sure that you readers are all tired of me always saying that.

One's first sip is pleasant, with its soft sparkling effervescence and clean fruit flavours of the anticipated benefiting hugely thanks to being twenty five percent juice. Some portion is from the pomegranate and raspberry, but the first two pieces are white grape and apple. Both are used often for cheaply expanding a product's proportion of fruit extract, but here they are pacifically welcome into the experience and help develop the namesake blend. Things are bit dry, however, even with Stevia and thirteen grams of sugar, and each imbibing swallows with a rough earthy bite consequently. It is appropriately present but is a tad distressing, and all throughout one can not help feel for things to be a bit sweeter. But overall, for a drink called a "Refresher," it was at least rather refreshing.

Each can contains: caffeine(fifty milligrams), ginseng, a couple B vitamins and that of C. The woeful content of the white stimulant is depressing, and the kick lasted under an hour; the kind of buzz that makes us energy freaks cry. In the end, Starbucks Refreshers Raspberry Pomegranate does taste pretty good, but it is not enough to even out its prostrate potency.

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Anonymous said...

Sweetness is a very personal preference. I think it is too sweet and thus wish they had left out the Stevia. How did you arrive at 33 grams of caffeine? I can only find it in a USA Today article:
Each Refreshers has 40 to 55 milligrams of caffeine — two-thirds the caffeine of a shot of espresso and one-third that of an 8-ounce coffee.


Gordon Wayne Watts said...

While I agree the 40-55mg citation is from a usually reputable source, e.g., USA Today, it does seem a little high for such a drink, since, typically the caffeine in such drinks comes *solely* from "natural" sources, that is, the green tea and/or coffee.

However, that said, I honestly do not know the true content, and StarBuck's website was NOT helpful and their toll-free phone number NOT open at this hour.

My guess is the 33mg figure --by the way, as the other poster asked, so I now ask: how *_did_* you arrive at such figure?

I came to this site looking, myself, for the answer, so that I consume a safe and happy amount of caffeine --which, of course, varies from person-to-person, and even then is usually not constant --but found by rough experimentation.

Gordon Wayne Watts
Lakeland, Florida, U.S.A.

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