Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ironclad Zero Maqui Berry Energy Drink Review

Nearly identical to the awful Black & Blue variety, Ironclad Zero Maqui Berry has a few cosmetic changes that are for the better. The switch from Sugar Free" to the more graffiti-like "Zero" fits the drink wonderfully, though the issue of unnecessary text still remains. There really is no reason to denote "zero calories" when it is understood what is meant by "Zero," and colouring the ingredient rundown white lamentably forces them to more attention than they need.

Unsure of what to expect, my initial sip was as unusual as imaginable. There is a rush of tartness first greeting your palate, delicately sweetened and sternly tasting of blueberry. Following is a splash of earthy hollowness, a vapid moment of medicinal uneasiness that is thoroughly inapplicable with the rather urbane antecedent, a sensation who is responsibly short lived and eventually unseen. Succeeding is a continuation of the opening flavour, only now woven with cotton candy inspired overtones of cherry and blackberry, perhaps even a touch of red grape. These additions lack robustness on the tongue, complicating the originally undefiled fruit and mutating the overall taste into a more a saccharine and mainstream adaptation. The experience is an improvement over the original, though it is still miles away from being perfect.

The kick lasts under three hours, and is as entirely unimpressive as is the supplement information: caffeine(154mg), taurine, guarana, electrolytes, and B vitamins. All in all, Zero Maqui Berry is not quite the abomination the other diet Ironclad varieties have been, but it is still far from the success of the sugared flavours.

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