Thursday, March 1, 2012

Arma Energy Drink Review

Arma Energy is one of those drinks that truly excites me, with its incredibly clean can who's engrossing design has a lot going that wisely never sidetracks from the focused main logo. And the mystery of being new to the market and the absence of a suggested flavour only encourages my ever augmenting lust to crack open the can and delve deeper into this review.

Pineapple is tasted right out of the gate, a mild flavour who has a controlled sweetness that stays clear from overwhelming. It is followed closely by a lime and melon alloy, an appealing union who's two parts are as complementing to each other as they are with the rough skinned fruit. The blend adds great depth to each sip, as well an appropriate acidic touch that builds a welcoming platform where for a slight cherry whisper to inaugurate. It deepens the drink's body more so than anything preceding, and it brings its own dry tartness to the party. This is not exactly the most unique flavour ever reviewed, but it is a satisfying experience regardless.

Thankfully stronger than the line's BBQ chips, each can contained: caffeine(160mg), inositol, guarana, ginseng, taurine, B vitamins, and L-carnitine. The kick was still a bit unimpressive, lasting a typical three hours and kicking no harder than any other drink on the shelf. Overall, Arma Energy does enough well that one cannot help but be a bit saddened that this is the company's lone drink offering.

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