Friday, March 23, 2012

Rockstar Iced Peach Energy Tea Review

Rockstar Iced Peach Tea should be just another problematic can in the line, but the matte finish and the bright gold really brings the design out of its usual mediocrity. There is a lot to read, sure, but things flow rather well, and in general it is one of the better looking varieties by the company yet.

Rockstar Iced Peach went for a sugarless candied taste instead of realism, a fault that corrupts all of any potential the flavour had. It is not a particularly bad flavour; you can certainly take each sip with little trouble, but the experience pales in comparison to drinks like the wonderful Go Girl Peach Tea. The fruit flavour is alone on the tongue, and it demonstrates neither an understanding of its natural potency or complexity. Rather, each sip flounders with stupefying jejuneness and overall decrepitude, and each of many unimpassioned sips drink with with zero satisfaction. It is sweetened with sucralose and ace-k(or "acesulfame, comma, potassium," as the can erroneously reads), however the duo is unable, though not incapable, at properly honeying the flavour, with a noticeable artificiality present during and following each gulp, an unnaturalness that rivals that of the actual taste in terms of severity and unpleasantness. Overall, I always try to make it obvious when I do and do not like a drink, and where this one rests should be obvious.

Each can contains an impressive 240 milligrams of caffeine, some taurine, B vitamins, ginseng, inositol, and guarana. The kick extended just beyond four hours and was of decent strength, and it ended with no crash. In the end, Rockstar Iced Peach Tea succeeds in all areas except where it truly matters: taste, because it does not matter how strong your drink is if one must suffer sixteen ounces to get there.

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Pete said...

Great review, you are quite the wordsmith / grammar nazi. I have to wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment that the drink is terrible. It's not so much the queer flavoring and lack of authenticity, but the actual synthetic-ness of it. Rockstar Iced Tea tastes like it was made by robots, for robots.

Anonymous said...

How should I best say this..This drink tastes succinctly like ASS. Unlike Monster, Rockstar either nails it or completely misses the mark.
I stick with the Coconut flavor. That's a nice and refreshingly flavor for me.

Anonymous said...

this drink tastes what i imagine pee must taste like

Anonymous said...

I have looked all over the city for this one, after emptying out the reserves nearby.
That is because it is BY FAR the best FEELING energy drink I have EVER had.
Isn't that the point of this site???
I am pretty skilled in the kitchen, and the stark taste i see you all referring to, is of absolute no challenge to my pallet. It is just irrelevant.
I want an energy drink that gives me the drugs i seek, and the flavour can badck off as much as possible.
This is exactly that drink.
Barely any flavour, but what is there, is at least passable.
Not an offensive taste, just rather stark. Well I want stark sometimes. Not a huge sweet mouth gusher. that's what drinking real juice is for.
This is just for the drugs.
You will not that Taurine is the second ingredient! :D

Anonymous said...

If you drink 2 in a day your poop smells like peaches.

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