Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mtn Dew Pitch Black Soda Review

Outside its diet counterpart, I do not drink Mtn Dew at all, as I've always found it way too sweet. But this year they resurrected the limited edition variety Pitch Black, which I never tried during its initial run last decade. It's bottle design is certainly appealing, considering my criticisms with other members of the line, with the grim purple really making the green and red logo pop. Things are kept clean and organized, and the background adds to the former rather than distracting from it.

The carbonation guides you to the surprisingly feeble flavour of the promised black grape, and this initially inexorable effervescence disguises its foundation of the trademark Mtn Dew citrus taste. But the bubbles quickly pop and the drink briskly begins to lose its fizz, and the latter milquetoast taste becomes partially unveiled, a muddled blend namely of lime and melon, two flavours that are indistinct and wretchedly so. They tastelessly bulk the already underdeveloped grape savour into one that's even more shallow and unexciting. Nothing is sour or tart, but most unexpected is how the seventy seven grams of sugar don't over sweeten. All of the fruits have a balanced saccharinity, and the experience isn't a syrupy one. It's one positive, the flavour's only positive, and that makes this really easy not to recommend.

There's a lot of sugar and a lot of calories, but not much else. Nutrition is near non existent, but there's ninety one milligrams of caffeine for good measure. In the end, I did like the bottle design, and since sodas generally are unhealthy, it is the inept taste where Mtn Dew Pitch Black truly misses.

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