Friday, November 4, 2011

Ed Hardy King Dog Energy Mints Review

I'm ever continually impressed with the packaging of the Ed Hardy products, and King Dog Energy Mints is my personal favourite. There's a clean simplicity to how things look, and the matte finish gives the tin an unexpected quality feel.

The physical dimension of the candy is much smaller than most previous energy mints have been, with these actually resembling something more along the lines of Altoids. The pure white tablets crumble quickly, even initially, and after a few moments on the tongue they do not require much vexing to give way. The actual flavour is nothing special, with it tasting strongly of the usual peppermint that's so familiar now that it's become almost boring, though these dwarf pieces keep from exhausting the eater because of their infinitesimal stature. And with five mints equaling one of the competition, at least in the view of caffeine, I found myself enjoying the smaller investments more so than any larger one has in the past. But the experience is far from perfect, not just in the sense of negatives, however. One can forgive the inappropriate plastic taste that accompanies the first few you eat, but the real issue is how little peppermint excites me. Sure, it's a popular flavour, an obvious choice for any company to utilize, but is it wrong to wish for a more creative taste?

Five mints contain 100 milligrams of caffeine, and undisclosed amounts of guarana and ginseng. I had ten pieces, easy, and the kick was something of a potent one, lasting a solid four hours. All in all, though Ed Hardy King Dog Energy Mints is marginally the best product yet by the company, it is by far the most consistent. Both, however, are rather faint praise.

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