Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rhino's Energy Drink & Fruit Review

By simply tacking on "& Fruit" to the name, rhino's Energy Drink & Fruit just sounds clumsy and vague, with a strong potential to confuse consumers. There really should be ample focus on how it's thirty percent juice, with half of that being cranberry. But this variety smartly changes a few things from the can design it borrows, and the bigger size is most notable.

There's no carbonation, which surprised me even though it probably shouldn't have, and the aforementioned percentage of juice gives each sip an organic explicitness. What I mean is that the experience isn't at all sweet, though there's a measurable amount of sugar. Cranberry is most prominent, and its dry tartness is hugely noticeable but enjoyably so, at least to this drinker. The fruit's distinct personality is furthered partially by the diluted taste of chokeberry, who here isn't able to craft anything noted for itself, just additional depth for the regnant flavour. Following is sort of bitter bite, one that rounds out the taste of the cranberry to one that's so unexpectedly but appreciatively raw. Overall, rhino's Energy Drink & Fruit is such a break from the norm of energy drinks, who are almost always too saccharine and sport unoriginal flavours, or at least handle them so.

Each can contains: ninety three milligrams of caffeine, guarana, and vitamin C. This German made blend of ingredients provides a buzz lasting only two plus hours. Overall, if I was to ever drink rhino's Energy Drink & Fruit again, it would be for the only reason anyone else should; its pleasingly aberrant taste.

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