Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bawls Guarana Cherry Review

Since the line hasn't done much with the brand's potential, outside the lauded original and root beer variety, I'm not excited for this review, not to mention that the canned version received only a passing grade years back. The Bawls' gimmick appearance is really beginning to wear thin, with the bumped bottle showing no visual flair. Sure, the red writing looks sleek off the bare clear back, but the glass is so sensitive that it permits any colours or light to shine through and blur its clarity, and who can be enticed by that?

Bawls Guarana Cherry doesn't have the same level of sweetness as did the original, nor is it as creatively cohesive. Yes, the expected cherry seems to be the beverage's focus, but it's constructed with only a touch of authentically, as the namesake fruit is glaringly hollow and lacks a certain robustness to distract. Even some sour or tartness would be alleviating, to some degree, but both are lamentably absent. Salt in the wounds is a vague backdrop of vanilla that is obscured largely by the carbonation. It's tame on the tongue but harsh to the taste, and only when it subsides slightly with the last few sips do you notice any of the complexity. But we're now thankfully at that point, and things begin to take on a strawberry influence that's itself bland but adds relieving intricacy. Overall, this is a boring mess of mistakes, all of which seem so easily avoidable.

The improper sweetness is thanks to a surprisingly high thirty two grams, and there's also caffeine and guarana. In the end, I really didn't enjoy Bawls Cherry, but while it is tasteless, it isn't distasteful.

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