Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reed's Energy Elixir Review

Reed's Energy Elixir comes in a purple can that unwittingly lists many of the ingredients involved with its formulation. But caffeine isn't listed, though the product does contains some derived from the listed green tea. Someone like myself can easily grasp the concept of caffeine being provided by tea, but the common consumer is much less likely to even partially understand. But moving on, and outside the aforementioned(and criticized) ingredient documentation, the design's funky background image of what is believed to be nature, in some sort, is appealing and looks quite attractive in purple.

Reed's Energy Elixir superficially tastes a lot like your typical herb beverage, but I really found myself really enjoying it after the first few sips. There are many notes rather one general flavour, though there are dominate suggestions of ginger and variegated fruits. Lemon and pineapple tastes are enveloped from advising any depth or authenticity, but rather than the experience suffering from the cloaked duo, it provides a fruity understatement that balances the dictating spice. The ginger stings the flavour initially, but a surge in sweetness is able to honey the former enough for an incomplete resemblance of store bought ginger beer. The green tea taste is pleasurably mild, and it's positioned nether to the earlier ginger, but the two are tasted at once and are intricately blended for optimum complexity and pleasantry. Overall, Reed's Energy Elixir is peculiar and is definitely not for everyone, but it's superbly enjoyable and a big breath of fresh air in the congested energy drink market.

Each can contains: caffeine, in some capacity, ginseng, and several B vitamins. There wasn't much in terms of energy, especially when compared to what one like me is used to, but my body certainly observed and pleasured the involved caffeine. All in all, Reed's Energy Elixir's overly bizarre flavour powerfully unique, and is guaranteed to have its critics, with me on the side of those who enjoyed it.

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