Monday, October 31, 2011

V8 V Fusion Peach Mango Energy Drink Review

V8 V Fusion Peach Mango Energy fails visually mostly because of its small size, which stands at a small eight ounces. Much like the Jamba line, there honestly isn't any market space for drinks of such diminutive stature, considering how us consumers are largely interested in value, which thus allows shots and much larger products to have any real chance of succeeding.

There's a surprising degree of depth to each sip, and things are much more intricate than simply mango and peach flavoured. Sure, those two fruits are present in large quantities, but it's hard to ignore the distant tastes of orange and apple. There's no interaction between the two dynamic duos, however, and there's a slight incongruous feel as they both swim across your mouth. Thankfully and almost expectantly so, the involvement of juices keeps each fruit from tasting at all artificial, though all four share the all the same bunch of little problems. What I find most glaring is their sweetness, which seems unnecessarily numbed and unfairly restricted. The saccharinity should be far more chipper than this subdued excuse, and actually everything should be jubilant than it is. Each fruit tastes individually tired and is frustratingly boring to sip, and adding insult to injury is the absence of anything textural for your tongue to play with, no pulp and no carbonation. Sipping is otherwise pleasingly smooth, but one can't help but find themselves wishing that they were drinking something more exciting.

There's eighty milligrams of caffeine, which is the only energy ingredient per se, though there is the obvious nutrients brought about thanks to the eight combined fruits and veggies. I'd generously reckon the kick lasted two hours, with the positive lack of jitters. Overall, V8 V Fusion Peach Mango Energy is forgettable, though my low initial expectations keep it from being disappointingly so.

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