Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bing Black Energy Drink Review

Thank you local hipster grocery store, I have been looking for the phenomenal Bing's black brother for many years now. Its can is a silky black, ample red text text popping off of the background darkness. Not everything is paradise however, as there is a lot of text that drifts the can out from its sophistication and leaves you reading when you should be drinking.

The can crackles as it is cracked open, unleashing a deep, robust scent that would work in a pinch as an air freshener. First sip engulfs your palate with the sharp flavors of both blackberry and cherry, a simple five percentage of juice acting as if it was followed by a zero. Every sip is powerful, a blast of concentrated, coltish, fruity pleasure, the former of the two tastes adding a fluffy texture with its minor edge of tartness. The latter of the dyad adding an immense depth to the outer rim of every imbibe, a controlled eruption of dense complexity that collapses as you finalize each sip. You take your second gulp only to notice the lovely liquid has been washed off of your tongue, and that each succeeding swig feels like your first, a real Groundhog-day experience. Sweetness is achieved from cane sugar and sucralose, and they do a fine job here, exercising a believable weight for a drink with only forty calories. Carbonation also deserves an introduction, a hardly conspicuous effervescence that I cannot imagine the twelve ounces without.

Each can contains: caffeine (120 milligrams), ginseng, guarana, acai, flax seed, vitamin C, B vitamins, among others. The kick is the weakest link, easily, but the rest of the beverage make it worth visiting, even just once and even just for its flavor.

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