Monday, January 18, 2016

E-ON Grapefruit Punch Energy Drink Review

E-ON Grapefruit Punch comes in a surprisingly polished can, looking very modern with its tiny grid background of silver and seemingly bare aluminum, with only a few yellow boxes of text. Its svelte twelve ounce can aids in its mission to look sleek, however it is extremely hard not only to read the words in the image to the right, but also real life. A slender stroke would have gone a long way.

A loud crack as the can opens, the aroma is striking and continues to hype up the expectations for this skinny drink. Its first sip is equally striking, an effervescent elixir transporting the eventually bitter taste of grapefruit across the palate, with a splash of lemony tartness. Initially, every imbibe is mature yet playful, a breezy rendition of the morning favorite fruit, with a slight edge of simple orange, a very welcome addition who is unfortunately comparatively dimensionless. As the syrup travels your tongue, its acerbity blazes up from the otherwise vivacious vegetation; the thirty eight grams of cane sugar appearing only to keep the acidity at bay, while the astringent flavor burns unobstructed with each sip. Its climax is welcome but underwhelming, with a dying of the acridity, leaving only a slight bluntness to the remaining sourness. E-ON Grapefruit Punch is an experience I will not soon forget, and whether or not it is any good is irrelevant; it is daring and different, and for that, I appreciate it, even if I do not like it.

Each can contains: B vitamins, taurine, guarana, and 142 milligrams of caffeine. There is also 150 calories and is three percent juice. The kick is nothing spectacular, actually it is on the verge of poor, lasting just under two hours. To end, E-ON Grapefruit Punch is unusual, and in a sea of predictability, that is refreshing. Especially when the drink itself is made by the same people who bottle the terrible and trite Tornado drinks.

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Brad Porter said...

I thought this was good. I found it at Big Lots earlier this month for .33 cents. I also had the Almond Rush (which I found at the same store for the same price).

pepc said...

I cannot find it at any store . I bought all that the Big Lots had. I love that it actually tasted like I was drinking a grapefruit.

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