Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bing Energy Drink Review

Bing is an unashamed cherry focused energy drink, with a pleasant red colour and two cherries prominently displayed on the can. The product even contains the actual juice of the fruit, and while the sexy style of the design is generally enjoyable, I can't help but dislike the unnecessarily paragraph smack dab in the middle. It feels almost like a press release, with the self absorbed comment on being delicious, and if the writing is absolutely needed, then it only deserves to be seen on the back.

Though the claim of being delicious was just previously criticized, after tasting it I'd honestly agree. The flavour is heavy on cherry, and the authenticity declared is extolling and staggeringly sensual. The sweetness, though being part artificial and part actual sugar, is done with such skill that it tastes wholly authentic and not the least bit synthetic. There's an enjoyable tartness that's strongly prevalent, but it's maturely controlled and prevented from debasing the overall sophistication. There's a weaker sourness that also avoids reducing the flavour into something out of a kids candy shop, and this and the prior give the cherry a richly robust depth and complexity. Each sip has immense dimension but what's really impressive is the stubborn focus on the single fruit; something that hasn't been so evinced since the much admired NOS Cherry, however Bing does has a slight red grape suggestion. The indirect flavour only emerges briefly and it appears below the main fruit, and it gives the experience a bit of relief from as well as even more intricacy to the cherry. Overall, whether or not Bing tastes better than any with a such a flavour is debatable, but it's a meritorious flavour regardless.

Each twelve ounce can contains: taurine, caffeine(120mg), ginseng, guarana, several B vitamins, and vitamin C. The buzz was of standard strength, and it lasted around two hours. All in all, if you should run across Bing selling for a buck and some change, then a purchase is well worth the money.

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Anonymous said...

Honestly. What did you think it was going to taste like? It's called Bing and is in a Red Can with a Cherry on the front of it. You could always mix it with soda water, if you want to weaken it without sugar or artificial sweeteners. If you don't mind artificial, try Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper, Diet Cherry Coke/Pepsi, or Diet Mt. Dew Code Red. I am not making a joke about the Cherry flavored sodas....use non-additional-flavored if you want; but it mixes well with the cherry undertones of those sodas. However, you are defeating the entire artificial sweetener aspect and might as well drink Sugar Free Redbull or Monster....Mike M.

Zander Maitland said...

Terrible drink. Made me personally feel all gross after I drank it and it slowed my heart down a ton. It made me feel all jittery as well, and didn't deliver a good flow of energy. Do not drink...

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