Monday, May 2, 2011

Barium Energy Powder Review

Barium is probably the easiest variety yet to pronounce, and though the yellow and blackish purple are pleasant together, the overall denuded appearance of the bright sticker is starting to overstay its visual welcome. The design is still as appreciatively appropriate as ever, but with so little optical uniqueness between flavours, the amount of pleasure acquired is starting to wane.

The texturally grainy substance's liquefying point feels kindred to the natural temperature of your mouth, and the product then subsequently becomes a smooth syrup that's just as enjoyable as its initial stage. Black cherry is the flavour attempted, and the surprising success of the taste signifies immense care as to how it was crafted. It's tart when it needs to be, sour when required, and it's thoroughly sweet without ever overwhelming. The actual flavour profile of the black cherry is deeply authentic without ever losing the much lauded candied quality, and the fruit remains ever so desolated and is never disturbed as it dictates the palate. The powder imbibes much of the tongue and friends' moisture if and when a more than generous quantity is bequeathed, and this doesn't develop nearly as severely if only a meager amount is dispensed. An aftertaste does not occur, though your mouth certainly feels sacchariferously dusted that is not all too dissimilar to the days following Halloween or Easter. Overall, Barium's flavour is unexpectedly pleasurable, and it's easily better tasting than the similar Encaff Energy Stix.

Ninety milligrams of caffeine isn't what it used to be, especially given that this is all that Barium contains in the realm of energy ingredients. Sure, the sugar helped spark some of what was ultimately a two hour buzz, but my namesake chemical just wasn't able to provide a sustained or impressive kick. In the end, if a caffeinated sour cherry Pixy Stix sounds too good to be true, than Barium Energy Powder is definitely worth a look into.

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