Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sambazon Amazon Jungle Love Energy Drink Review

Sambazon Amazon Jungle Love sports a real attractive can, with the obscured declining decal working well with the dominating black background. The green funky crest graphic accompanying the top most text is appealing in a strange fashion, and it's entirely applicable. It does, however, become a bit confusing when figuring out what to call the beverage, as it isn't explained what relation the aforementioned "Sambazon" has with the official title. Whether the full name is just "Amazon Energy Jungle Love" or whether it's adorned by the prior is beyond me, though in any event the whole name just barely avoids feeling contrived or needlessly long.

Jungle Love's taste is understandably lowly sweetened, and the flavour has strong exclamations of tea and yerba mate. Passion fruit, acai, and pomegranate round out the just former, and the threes' naturally mild saccharinity allows them to thrive within the confines of the product's general dryness. Pomegranate is the driving force to the experience, the passion fruit is riding shot gun, if still vaguely referencing cars, and the acai settles quietly in the back seat. Each of the three exchange their grasp of a singular tartness and sourness, and depending on who's under focus, the grip of the two characteristics varies. The last remaining sips begin to resemble an organic fruit punch of sort, which ends up being a great definition of the experience if conversing with one who's unfamiliar with the involved fruits. Overall, Amazon Jungle Love's taste doesn't circulate anything that's likely to be wholly appreciated by the common consumer, but the flavour is presented in a near mainstream etiquette that's unlikely to be utterly disliked.

There wasn't much of a kick, with only eighty milligrams of caffeine, several herbs, and a lot of vitamin C. What ever was felt lasted under two hours, and neither a crash or jitters made an appearance. Overall, Sambazon Amazon Jungle Love is predominantly enjoyable, though it's not going to be an easy sell to many.

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