Friday, May 6, 2011

Havana Diet Vanilla Cappuccino Review

Havana Diet Vanilla Cappuccino isn't exactly marketed as an energy providing product, and despite the classified caffeine content, I'm still documenting my thoughts on it. The bottle it comes in is a tall fifteen ounce one that's mostly coloured a dull silver, which doesn't stir much in the way of visual excitement. The large face of a woman is also detrimental to the product's optical appeal, as she isn't exactly the most attractive lady, nor does she really have a place on a RTD cappuccino drink.

The flavour is hyper saccharine though oddly pleasing, but Havana Diet Vanilla Cappuccino's actual taste begins with a decently bodied coffee that's mildly acidic and not the least bit bitter. The extreme sweetness is what's likely to of censored the latter, and it replaces it with a pungent chemical aftertaste that isn't as enjoyable nor as appropriate as the bitterness would have been. The presence of vanilla in the experience is easily noticed but it doesn't demand attention, and it plays as well as it can with the oft mentioned sugariness. Creaminess isn't pronounced but it isn't expected, since the product advertises being "ninety nine percent fat free." Any observable milkiness is found trailing the actual coffee flavour, and it does the best it can to distract and veil the aforementioned Splenda aftertaste. Once the sip is swallowed there isn't much left on your palate, other than a slight flavour of the just prior. In the end, Havana Sugar Free Vanilla isn't too bad, though it obviously suffered from the mordant sacchariferous quality.

Havana didn't provide me with much of a buzz, nothing more than two hours. There weren't any jitters and there wasn't a crash, but there wasn't much of a kick. Overall, Havana Diet Vanilla Cappuccino was found at Big Lots for seventy cents, which is the most one should spend on a bottle.

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