Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tiger Fuel Energy Drink Review

Tiger Fuel isn't a good name for an energy drink, as it really doesn't make much sense. The flesh of an animal is what gets the large kitty going, which means an alternate name is possibly Meat Juice, which isn't a very good name either as it's a double entendre to the dirtiest of minds. But let us forget the name, and focus on the rest of the can. It has a sort of retro thing going, almost resembling something out of your parents high school, which surely is something every drink should do. The "Rock and Roar" slogan is cheesy and enjoyably so, and the namesake cat looks ferocious itself, but looks out of place with the can's lighthearted colour scheme.

Tiger Fuel's flavour is obviously orange, although it seemingly intentionally avoids masquerading on the palate like your commonplace orange soda. It is surprisingly mild on the sugar, which allows the citrus to shine in a fairly authentic fashion. Each sip renders a noticeable though slight syrupy coating of the back of the throat, which is especially unexpected given the just mentioned mild saccharinity. The two former characteristics inevitably crash with each other, though this doesn't spur up nearly as much interest as one would anticipate. The flavour overall is actually a very boring affair, and despite the general ease of consumption, finishing the entirety of the can is problematic given the lack of motivation. The experience's only real spout of curiosity is with a tartness that somewhat pinches the sides of your mouth, and a base of sourness that the spherical fruit lounges upon. In the end, Tiger Fuel's taste is twelve ounces and 150 calories of ennui.

Perhaps my favourite aspect of the product is that it clearly lists the caffeine content, which sits at 100 milligrams. There's also taurine, ginseng, inositol, and many B vitamins. The prior cocktail of ingredients created a two hour buzz that was of typical strength. In the end, Tiger Fuel isn't terrible, per se, but it is terribly banausic.

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