Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mocca Mallows Review

The baritone red of the label perfectly complements the rich brown of the product itself, and the plump lips really pop off of the aforementioned. The sexy simplicity works wonderfully, and other than the needlessly present and confusing text towards the bottom, the overall presentation of Mocca Mallows is intensely pleasurable.

The actual marshmallow feels and resembles a brownie much more so than the traditional white cylindrical treat. The density of the dark square is staggering and completely unexpected, and though this is relieved some with subsequent chews, it remains ever so uncharacteristically thick. There's the occasional crunch of a cocoa nib, which itself has deeply complex hints of dark chocolate and roasted coffee flavours. They act similarly to how chocolate chips provide texture uniqueness to brownies, though the lighter mouth feel of the mallow results in each chunk being far more glaring. The sweetness is surprisingly mild throughout, especially considering the first two ingredients are sugars. Disappointingly though, the chocolate taste is far more dominating over the coffee than it is complementing to, which should have been expected, but one can't help but wish there was a bit more focus on the coffee. This does, however, give the experience a far broader appeal than its line brother, so one should test the waters with Mocca before they delve into the more niche variety.

200mg of caffeine is plenty to cause a solid buzz. One lasting shy of four hours was felt, with mild jitters occasionally becoming evident. All in all, Mocca Mallows are impressive in a general sense, but I do personally prefer the prior Coffee flavour.

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