Sunday, April 24, 2011

Coffee Mallows Review

Coffee Mallows certainly captures my interest, as it's essentially a caffeinated interpretation of one of my favourite confections; the marshmallow. The orange packaging is clean, for the most part, with only a pair of vixen lips being graphically represented. But the text below the former does become fairly confusing, with unexplained statements like "pop-in power coffee shot," and "with double coffee boost." The two distract from what the actual product is(a coffee marshmallow), and the small packaging censors the ability to elaborate more on what they actually mean.

Coffee Mallows' flavour is bitter but it's sacchariferously controlled, and an entirely palatable and wholly enjoyable coffee taste emerges. The acidity is rather tame, and the flavour experience is much kindred to what drinking cream-less sweetened coffee is actually like. The demitasse is seasoned by outside notes of caramel, vanilla, and cinnamon, and the trilogy apply as much depth as possible to such a mild flavour. One of the square's most notable characteristics is the spongy texture that's so quick to dissolve. The product is firm to initially chew, and the absorptive candy feels rubbery to the tongue. From then on the traditional feel of the often chick shaped confiture escapes into the mouth, and thanks to its unconventional flavouring of the strongly aromatic decoction, the overall encounter is a remarkably fresh way to abide to the otherwise extremely familiar.

The only energy ingredient is caffeine, and the amount of the writer's favourite is a hearty 200mg. I received around three and a half hours of energy, and while there wasn't a crash, jitters did occur on occasion. Overall, the near purity of sugar should prevent the coffee taste from overwhelming whoever is eating, and the prior flavour should not obstruct anyone who's aroused by the promise of something different.

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