Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Power Trip Coconut Energy Drink Review

Power Trip Coconut comes in a can that is surprisingly appealing, given both the line's history and the absurd flavour. The lime green is restricted from total dominance by the wavy strip of yellow, and the two harmonize with the other minor colours. And despite the great extent of text, the design doesn't optically feel congested, but rather simply dense. The estimated flavour of coconut, however, is wholly bizarre, and there's deep doubt that the product will ever gather much of a consumer base, regardless of its potential quality.

With an unmistakably strong stench, the act of pouring the beverage mentally feels like you're dispensing the thinnest sun tan lotion. The flavour is namely of pineapple that's steadfastly influenced by the loosely classified namesake fruit. The two taste immensely different from one another, though they're balanced and integrated together so skillfully that it resembles something organically found. Despite the just prior, though, the pineapple is solely suppressed of most of its natural characteristics, and generally speaking it resembles many of the candies flavoured as such. Each sip is swallowed in the palatable aroma of coconut, though the pineapple is permitted a fair amount of time to advertise during the mezzo. The coconut chokes the fanny of the experience, and it nearly cloys with an unpleasantly potent saccharinity, but the drinker shouldn't have much trouble depleting the can of its fluid. Overall, Power Trip Coconut's flavour pleased my taste buds, though it's uncertain whether others will have the same positive reaction.

Each can contains: vitamin C, taurine, caffeine(210mg), several B vitamins, and guarana. A kick lasting four hours was received, with neither jitters or a crash ever occurring. In the end, the wildly creative flavour to Power Trip Coconut is easy my favourite aspect, though unfortunately the major point of distinction also acts as the main flaw.

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