Thursday, May 12, 2011

Power Trip Mango Energy Drink Review

Power Trip Mango's redesign looks far more tropical than did the older style, and the still present banner is now much less blatant. This newer arrangement feels a lot more organically organized, as the eye now moves seamlessly about the can. The "Vitamin Powered" regalia, however, is cliche and pointless this day and age, and the subjacent text explaining the naturalness of the flavourings looks a size too large, as it gives the statement an inappropriately important presence on the general design.

Power Trip Mango's taste is molded rather authentically after the flavoured flesh of the intended fruit. It's sweetened generously but primarily restrains from being inharmonious, and the product has an earthy bitter-y bite that's extremely mild yet surprisingly arresting. The former gravely increases the believability of the taste, which is done without the help of any juice, and it skillfully circumvents discharging any unpleasantness. Your palate enjoys the refreshing nature of the flavour, and the fluid isn't initially heavy or syrupy. The saccharinity is achieved by glucose in conjuncture with the much dreaded HFCS, and as the number of sips taken increases, a subtle thickening is perceived. It does sadly retard some of the aforementioned legitimacy of the flavour, but it thankfully arises late in the experience, thus not causing much of a stink. All in all, Power Trip Mango's singularly inspired taste is a success, but it mainly just reinterprets the same surbate flavour that we've had many times before.

Vitamin C, 210mg of caffeine, guarana, taurine, inositol, and many of the numbered B vitamins participate in the energy cocktail. There was an energizing lasting a solid four hours, and there was no mention of jitters. Overall, Power Trip Mango isn't as enjoyable as the coconut variety simply because the flavour is far more conventional, regardless as to how accurate it mimicked the stone fruit.

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