Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kronik Low-Carb Dragon Berry Energy Drink Review

Kronik Low Carb Dragon Berry's can follows in conformity by relying on silver to alert consumers of its no sugar formulation, but the design actually enjoys this choice. The minor usage of black and red, mostly for text, looks pretty good off of the aforementioned, though there should have been a bit more application of colour. The barbed wire is really the only major graphic of the design, and it reinstates the aggressiveness that's successfully given off by all the rest of the can, even if the red almost candy coats it in an inappropriately childish manner.

Dragon fruit does makes its expected appearance, but the presence of a blunt strawberry is far more dominating. The fragaria isn't dictating, however, as it allows for strong suggestions from the namesake fruit, cherry, blackberry, and raspberry. The last of the tetralogy of notes is easily the most vocal of the four, with it adding greatly to an overall tartness that's wholly intricate and complex, with each fruit providing something to it. The straw and the raspberry actually represent the base for the trio of others to rest atop, and thus each of the lazing tastes are influenced by their foundation. The blackberry is richly robust and its deep profile creates great dimension. The cherry, however, feels almost bored and it doesn't add much but clutter to the experience. The dragon fruit is probably the weakest flavour, with it absorbing in much of the surrounding tastes and thus not representing pitaya organically. The liquid is thick but this plays well with the successful crafting of the fruits, and it is only faintly outlined by any sweetness. Thankfully, by not attempting a saccharine recreation of fruits, the depth of the skillfully designed flavour, complemented by their careful manipulation, renders Kronik Low-Carb Dragon Berry's flavour as wholly pleasurable and surprisingly full bodied.

Several B vitamins, gingko, caffeine(150mg), taurine, guarana, ginseng, and inositol are the bulk of the ingredient highlights, and the kick was acceptable but nothing special. I had two and a half or so hours of steady energy that was free of jitters and a following crash. In the end, aside from the less than impressive kick, Kronik Low Carb Dragon Fruit acts as a great introduction for me to the line.

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