Monday, May 16, 2011

Health Energy Potion Review

Health is the third of its kind for me to review, and the opaque nature of the fluid stubbornly prevents one from easily taking a photo that advertises the logo. The just mentioned insignia is the only graphic on the design, and this uncluttered aspect works well with the attempted theme. The bronze sword could symbolize religion, with its strong resemblance to the cross, and while the intended audience will likely enjoy this mild depth, it's not really worth my time digging deep into.

My mind ignored the unappealing scent that caustically kissed my nose, and the first sip was then experienced. The flavour is far more enjoyable than the odor, with a major focus on the interaction between apple and cherry. Both fruits are represented in horribly abridged form, and the two are an awkward cross between genuine and candied. There's generally a strong sweetness, which when combined with the lack of any real authenticating characteristics gives each oft red fruit a synthetic feel, but a nether organic taste imbues an unwanted natural aspect that's both poorly constructed and inappropriately detected. Sourness can be observed, initially, and it's extremely mild and short lived, and it seems to of been placed only to partially deny the examination of an unpleasant chemical harshness. It's certainly faint, don't get me wrong, but it adds to the constant tarnishing of the incomplete verism. There's the occasional spicing of cinnamon that can be distinguished, sadly though its presence does next to nothing in terms of complexity. Overall, Health Energy Potion's flavour is only a few notches above terrible, and is frustratingly disappointing.

Each shot bottle contains: caffeine(160mg), various B vitamins, taurine, ginseng, and vitamin C. The kick was three plus or so hours, with no jitters, and it was fairly quickly felt. All in all, Health Energy Potion's convoluted and contrived taste makes it the worst yet by the company Harcos.

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