Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Steaz Zero Calorie Energy Drink Review

The black on white configuration is enjoyable basic and simple, and the two are balanced against the only sprint of colour, which is the strange green of the "zero calorie" and the equally strange flower like pattern. It flows elegantly and reads easy, though the bottom is unfortunately congested with gloating certifications and unnecessary listings of some of the many ingredients. A migration to back of the can would certainly help give the design a free and unadulterated visual feel.

The beverage smells vaguely like all those pitiful Red Bull knockoffs, and thankfully the taste is far more inspired. There's a sharp piercing of tea and yerba mate flavours, and they're sweetened a bit less than what one may be used to. Thus there's a pronounced bitterness that grows more tolerable as you gain knowledge as to what to expect, but it never quite becomes pleasurable. There isn't much focus on the actual taste of the fluid, with only subtle mentions of acai, lemon, apple, and vanilla. The apple acts almost more like an essence than a flavour, and it exhibits none of the expected natural properties. Same goes for the lemon, which tastes oddly dull and isn't suitably sour. The vanilla is perhaps the most feeble of all, with it only briefly appearing, and it never really feels like a well thought out inclusion. The acai is the only suggestion of berry the product ever delivers, and it's veiled greatly and only is able to faintly touch the bottom of the bitterness. It tastes appropriate with the tea and such, although its organic earthiness becomes far to much for the drink's saccharinity to even slightly level. Like previously said, though, each sip isn't bad, and after a while you are unsurprised with the taste, but it feels all too obvious that either the involved diet sugars are too weak to properly honey, or that the tame sweetness was deliberate. But hey, someone is likely to fall in love with the flavour, but it certainly isn't me.

The 100 milligrams of caffeine was enjoyable, but unremarkable, however the two or so hour buzz wasn't designed to impress the likes of me. There's also a few B vitamins, and vitamin C per can. Overall, Steaz Zero Calorie is the official replacement for Steaz Diet Berry, and while neither are really laudable, the permanent substitution was a smart decision.

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Anonymous said...

i can't find this anywhere anymore. Do they still make it?

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