Friday, May 20, 2011

Full Throttle Red Berry Energy Drink Review

Some regard the design utilized by Full Throttle Red Berry as sleek and sophisticated, and it's understandable, given the can's uncluttered organization and sexy colouring. But the large rounded logo is the real turn off for me, as its somber droopiness seems to soften the edginess and aggressive nature of it all. So while the intentions are certainly appreciated and noticed, they are not enjoyed.

The flavour depicts strawberry as candied as possible, and the representation is greatly akin to any such soda. The fruit is tasted initially and though it largely influences the general experience, it soon dulls and is followed by a pomegranate taste. This is when the product becomes boring, as this new focus doesn't ignite excitement, and it actually just chokes the palate with sugar that's seasoned only mildly of the fruit. The prior is syrupy but this doesn't distract, as you really just find yourself awaiting the possibility of it reconfiguring itself to its earlier and better state. It never does, but fortunately an onset of raspberry relieves the lust for mouth stimulation. This final addition is sodden of an inorganic creaminess that's far more chemically than naturally inspired. The beverage also begins to heavily sour as the former commences, which appreciatively solaces the unpleasantness of the mendacious milkiness. Overall, Full Throttle Red Berry's taste doesn't ever employ any authenticity, which does have potential to be pleasurable, but the flavour's depiction constantly feels artificially constructed instead of naturally erected.

The kick meets the solid expectations based upon previous varieties, with just under four hours of jitter free energy. Each can contains: d-ribose, caffeine(197mg), and several B vitamins. In retrospect, the deeply saccharine flavour exposes the mainstream intent that Full Throttle Red Berry doesn't wholly accomplish.

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