Sunday, May 22, 2011

Team Realtree Blaze Orange Energy Drink Review

The can to Team Realtree Blaze Orange is actually quite appealing, well, as appealing as the design permits. The bright colour does its job at stealing attention, and the grayscale logo feels both foreign and entirely appropriate. But the originally cute niche nature of whole camouflage theme is now wearing thin and becoming pointless, because if there was a market for it, there would already be competition. However, at least your drink won't be shot while hunting.

Team Realtree Blaze Orange's taste is pleasurably comparable to the best in the orange soda market. The obvious fruit taste deeply flavours a smooth and non syrupy liquid, and the sweetness is high but never overwhelming. The aforementioned citrus taste is molded around a far more authentic tangerine flavour, and the latter's natural edge is a playful complement to the orange's candied character. The smaller of the two fruits tints the core of the experience, and it slowly trickles skyward and influences the outside orange, and this sort of marbleization gives good depth to a relatively simple affair. Both sour and tartness are evident during the flavour portrayal, and although the former is more trenchant, both are very cogent to the overall completeness. All in all, by not attempting to do much but prosaically please, Team Realtree Blaze Orange's flavour is stupidly enjoyable.

Blaze Orange doesn't provide an exceptional boost in energy. There were jitters, though not as many as expected from the sixty eight grams of sugar, and the kick lasted around two and a half plus hours. Each can contains: caffeine, multiple B vitamins, and taurine. In the end, if one objectively looks at Team Realtree Blaze Orange, then it should by no means get a recommendation, but by being oddly satisfying, it's getting one regardless.

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