Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sambazon Amazon Energy Drink Review

Sambazon Amazon Energy was found selling at a local Wal Mart, albeit only in four packs. That doesn't matter to me, but hopefully the flavour will be palatable enough to finish the other three cans. Speaking of which, Amazon's can is organized similar to several other organic energy drinks, with symbols declaring its naturalness and some nutrition highlights appearing towards the bottom rim. The purple with the dull green trimmings looks fantastic, and the balance white text between the prior two is consistent.

Sambazon Amazon clearly tastes organic, but each sip is certainly drinkable. The green tea and the yerba mate imbue a sort of expected bitterness, though the presence of full blown, caloric sugar numbs it to a mainstream degree. The "acai berry" flavour accusation is a correct one, though it is less robust than anticipated. The fruit taste consists of blueberry, grape, acai, and acerola, though the latter two are debatable notes. The last of the four is easily the deepest flavour, despite its presence as a suggestion, and the other three feel shallow and simple. The first two may taste prosaic, but they're overall pleasant with their flavouring of the earlier tea and mate. There's both sour and tartness that appear during the climax and into the farewell of the experience, and the two are tasted respectably. Each of the two grow as time continues, and they further disconnect attention from the bitterness. Overall, Sambazon Amazon's flavour is one the drinker will ultimately learn to enjoy, which may be the reason for the abundant availability of four packs.

Each can contains: caffeine(eighty mg), guarana, and vitamin C. By now you can identify that the kick was only around two hours in length, and in strength it was quite weak. Was it intended to be meager, one doesn't know, but one certainly hopes it wasn't intended to be strong. All in all, Sambazon Amazon Energy can't compete with common house energy drinks, in any regard, but it will definitely have its share of fans.

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