Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kronik Blue Citrus Energy Drink Review

Thanks to the pitch blackness that subjugates the can, Kronik Blue Citrus looks as aggressive as any such product. The barbed wire, distorted fonts, and the little addition of spray paint leftovers are all used sparingly, which permits the overall look to be clean yet successfully intimidating. It doesn't, though, accomplish much that hasn't already been done, in the strict sense of can design and organization; it doesn't find any niche audience and repackage it for wide appeal, but it rather plays tamely within a theme that's nearly exhausted.

Kronik's interpretation of "blue citrus" was different from what was expected, which obviously was of blue raspberry. Instead the fluid is extremely light but pleasurably so, but there's a rough bite of carbonation towards the end that obstructs the common potential for quick sipping. The actual flavour is a tropical punch of various fruits, with nobody taking charge or anything keeping them all organized. This should render the experience as cluttered and unfocused, however the liquid is only lightly seasoned, so your palate instead detects a dancing parade of multiple but mild and muffled distractions. The lightness of the flavour disables one from noticing the general ineptitude of it all, but this does authorize you to actually enjoy it. Passion fruit, pineapple, guava, and mango are all witnessed during the army of equatorial tastes, and they're shoddily abridged into nothing but basic reproductions of far more complex works. The tetrad are all blended into a single puree that's sweetened as one, and principally the sugariness lazily does its job, and it leaves a slight syrupiness behind. Overall, Kronik Blue Citrus is drinkable and almost propitious, but it doesn't taste as if it's trying at all to impress or do something new.

Each can contains: caffeine(150mg), ginseng, taurine, inositol, gingko, vitamin C and various B vitamins. The prior produces a pretty good buzz, with the sixty grams of sugar certainly igniting it all rather quickly, however it only lasts for around two and a half hours. Overall, it's pretty sad when a fully sugared variety doesn't even meet the quality of a sugar free flavour, even if the tastes are relatively unrelated.

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Caffeine A Holic said...

I wish Kronik was found around where I live. The Dragonberry flavor taste amazing.

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