Saturday, May 28, 2011

Entropy Energy Drink Review

Naming an energy drink Entropy makes enough sense given its definition, but the word itself just doesn't sound appropriate for such a product. It's not exactly the easiest word to initially pronounce, and once one gets it down, you notice that it sounds choppy and the actual definition isn't obvious. Plus, the design just lacks a general understanding of what it is trying to be, with aimless piercings of silver strips and unorganized blue and purple sections.

Entropy doesn't taste as bad as some critics have declared, but it certainly isn't very pleasant. Once you muster up the ability to ignore the quite literally fowl smell, you observe that the flavour itself is extremely artificial and each sip is chemically constricted. Apple is the only fruit detectable, however, the former directly occludes any potential realism. "Thankfully," there's a domineer sourness that would be comparable to a sour candy, if it hadn't also been influenced by what numbs the apple. What hasn't been discussed is the experiences saccharinity, which tastes as if it too is chemically governed. In addition, the sweetness feels entirely false and ghostly hollowed, and all these factors render Entropy as predominately unenjoyable. But it is surely feasible to finish the can, even if one isn't exactly pleasuring each sip.

Each eight ounce can contains: caffeine(sixty mg), guarana, ginkgo, various B vitamins, vitamin C, and L-carnitine. The ingredient cocktail isn't half bad, though the caffeine content should most definitely be increased. The kick lasted under an hour, and there were no examples of jitters during the short period. In the end, though the flavour wasn't as vile as some proclaimed it to be, Entropy is still a truly terrible energy drink.

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