Monday, May 30, 2011

Radium Energy Powder Review

Radium is one of the few remaining Nuclear Energy Powders left for me to review, and all that can be said personally is, "ooh, look at the pretty blue of the crystals!" They match the yellow label quite nicely, and though the product is far from a children's item, the combination of colours would certainly appeal to one. And even though that should be a criticism, it's not one exactly, but it most surely could become a problem.

The scent of the grains is divine, but the real success is with how it tastes. The sweetness is strong, and it cloys not too unlike how eating a few Pixy Stix feels; it's in a wholly enjoyable manner, and it's thoroughly congruous with the flavours. The raspberry aspect of the experience is sharp and candied to a pleasurable degree, and it's reminiscent to really anything with the flavouring "blue raspberry." There's an agreeable strength tartness to the fruit, and though it's largely mild when comparable to the saccharinity, it is equally important in crafting the fullness of the berry. There's also a placid sourness evident, but it's tasted alongside an equitably tepid lemonade flavour. The strong presence of sugar is entirely complementary, and in general it orchestrates beautifully with the earlier taste. The physical powder melts wonderfully on the tongue, and the initially crude dust swiftly deliquesces into a silky percolation of potent pleasure. All in all, Radium may not be as palatably sensual as the Black Cherry variety was, but the consumption was immensely delightful regardless.

The energy ingredient cocktail only consists of ninety mg of caffeine, which in turn only provides a few hour buzz. There weren't any jitters, and there wasn't any sort of crash, but it really just wasn't all too impressive. All in all, Radium is definitely one of the stronger products by Harcos, although it may not be their very best work.

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