Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Monster Hydro Tropical Thunder Energy Drink Review

This bizarre bottle, yes, it is plastic except for its metal pull-tab top, is the Monster brand's latest spinoff. Out to combat Gatorade, I suppose, it looks like no other energy drink on the shelf, but whether or not it truly is one is up to the product's marketing team. But if it truly wishes to due battle with sports drinks, it is going to need to come up with a better container, as the lack of a screw off cap limits its mobility.

The non-carbonated elixir fails to impress, but it comes close to a passing grade. The flavor is the weakest link here, a diluted combination of orange, passion fruit and grapefruit, a balanced but banal cocktail of fruits who leave better impressions from other beverages. The harshest aspect is the tartness, a rumbling sourness who's puckering acridity is cleansed by the enthusiastic epicureanism for the insipid taste of water. Sweetness is arguably the best thing here, it is a grainy, hard hitting saccharinity that contains both syrupy and artificial characteristics, but it pleases your taste buds by introducing these elements only to wipe them clean by the potation's watery climax and undercurrent of acidity.

Each clear bottle-can hybrid contains: sodium, potassium, 100 calories, taurine, inositol, and 125 milligrams of caffeine. The buzz is unspectacular, but if the intent of this product is to make the drinker feel like they have just consumed a sports drink, then they succeeded.

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Bryan Hearn said...

I drink five hours and energy drinks every day. This thing took me to the moon in a very euphoric speed feeling. Must be some other ingredient my body is unfamiliar with

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