Monday, August 7, 2017

Core Lemon Ginger Energy Drink Review

I guess I am a pushover for the color gold; it gives the stale Core design its sparkle, a luxury sheen the can otherwise outdated pattern. There is not much in the way of text, but aside from its color scheme, there is little inspiration here, with generic arches and a disenchanting organization.

While the can leaves something to be desired, the taste is magnificent, a slightly sweet but acidic punch of spice and citrus. Predominantly lemon, the tastes of lime and grapefruit rumble beneath the bright yellow fruit flavor, but it is the fragrant seasoning that breathes the creativity into every imbibe. Yes, you can taste the ginger, but each sip reveals more than that; little by little the flavors of green tea and cinnamon widen the already bulged peculiarity. Carbonation disappoints, a deadened, practically non-existent effervescence leaving my palate embittered by the false "sparkling" statement at the top brim of the can. Sweetness is another sore spot here, accomplished via erythritol, cane sugar and stevia. At initial sip, the saccharinity appears deliberately distant, but by the last remaining ounces, you learn that beverage itself is just under-sugared.

Each can contains 100 mg of guarana, coffee beans, yerba mate, and green tea, or at least that is where the caffeine here comes from. But yet the actual content of caffeine itself is nowhere to be found; is it the 100 mg? Is it less? Why is this so difficult to figure out?  Overall, Core Lemon Ginger makes a few too many fundamental fumbles for a complete recommendation.

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