Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Mtn Dew Ice Soda Review

With Monster taking aim at the caffeinated citrus cocktail consumer community, Mtn Dew, owner of said fruity commonwealth, sets its eyes on a different potable genre, lemon lime soda. Mtn Dew Ice, Pepsico's most recent venture into the dominated market, seems like a resurrection of their 90's test-market drink Storm, only with a far more popular brand name. And its bottle is not half bad, a cleaner label than the company is known for, though it is tough to tell what the hell "Ice" is supposed to taste like.

There is less Sprite in this clear twenty ounce bottle than there is 7-Up, slightly bitter in flavor, an astringency akin to fresh citrus rinds than the caffeine contained. Tasting lemon or lime individually is tough, it is a bafflingly bland blend without the momentum of its rivals. It is not all bad- the sweetness is far from syrupy despite high fructose corn syrup landing in at number two in the ingredients list, and there are plenty of little bubbles to keep the 591 milliliters from feeling flat throughout the plethora of imbibes provided. But everything is just so unremarkable- does it taste like a lemon lime soda? Yes, but that is not reason enough to swap brands.

Now this is where the personality comes in, the ninety one milligrams of caffeine. That is identical to regular Mtn Dew, and if that just tickles your innards, then by all means go out any pick up a bottle, a can, or both. Otherwise, you are not missing much.

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