Saturday, March 7, 2009

RockStar Sugar Free

One of my least favorite types of energy drinks to review are sugar free, especially when I've been spoiled with the sugared version. Some sugar free energy drinks are great, such as the Xenergy Line, or Throwdown Rampage Sugar Free, but some are horrible, such as RockStar Zero Carb. And because RockStar Zero Carb was so bad, I'm not excited to try another sugar free RockStar, but since its the only energy product I've got left, I guess it will have to do...

FIRST IMPRESSION: The can looks very sugar free. Its got the same design of the original RockStar. I can tell they really tried. RockStar did smarten up by dumping the diet label on the original RockStar Sugar Free can. Apparently the word "diet" didn't sit too well with the party crowd. Either way, the cans all around unimpressive...2.4/5

TASTE: I opened the can and was greeted by the smell of original RockStar. A good first sign. The taste is pretty good, as its not too far from the taste of the original RockStar. The taste is best described as a mix of apple and cotton candy, which then fades a way, leaving a slight artificial flavour and a hint of bubble gum. Its rather tart and perhaps too sweet, but overall, a pretty good flavour, but I feel that sixteen oz. is too much...3.4/5

KICK: Each can contains: carbonated water, taurine, natural and artificial flavors, guarana seed extract, caffeine, inositol, milk thistle extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, ginseng root extract, and riboflavin. This mix is rather potent and gave me pretty powerful kick. I did feel some light jitters, but nothing major, but I did, however feel very alert and "there." Overall, the kick is impressive, but nothing I haven't seen before...3.9/5

FINAL WORDE: All in all, I find that RockStar Sugar Free is a pretty good Red Bull clone. I haven't had a Red Bull clone in a while, and RockStar Sugar Free is a pretty good one. I wish that the can would be improved, as its too bland and not very unique, but the taste and kick make up for it, so its not a complete disaster. I can't say that I expected more from this, as its sugar free, but I can say that I expected less. Overall, a decent energy drink. If your watching your weight(don't blink, that little dicken's quick), I guess I can recommend it, but if your like me, you know, more to love, than stick with the original.

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