Friday, December 31, 2010

Spider Energy Drink Review

I'll be blunt and admit that I absolutely dislike spiders all together, but my odium for the arachnid does not prevent me from enjoying Spider Energy's can. The dual outlines of the eight legged creatures give the eyes a lot to digest, but the three colour colour pattern and the lack of any unnecessary text prevents clutter and gives the design an almost sense of elegance. And unlike many energy drinks that name themselves after a member of the animal kingdom, Spider doesn't sound cliche nor does it feel overly or obviously inspired by Red Bull.

Spider's taste begins with a sparkle of carbonation that playfully leads to the introduction of a copiously complex orange. The fruit doesn't attempt to taste natural nor does it try to be candied, but rather the orange feels like a mixed breed between the two, but it cleverly takes a few aspects of each, thus bringing a sort of uniqueness and depth to a common flavour. The citrus carries a finely trim degree of tartness that doesn't wholly allow the orange to lean either way, and carried in the same hand is a joyful sweetness who's edges are syrupy slightly. This sugariness is kindred mostly to the latter of the two breeds, and it quickly glazes the orange thinly. Along with a mild sourness, there's then a sporing of a authentic lemon taste that's spiced lightly of ginger. The just prior remains mostly trivial throughout the entire experience, but as it nears its closing, the ginger is adopted into the sugary gloss where it then tickles the orange just before it bankrupts. Overall, Spider's taste was familiar yet detailed with bits of originality, and while it's not necessarily the best, it is one of the better all sugar orange energy drinks I've this year.

Spider's slogan is "Get Bit, Stay Lit," which is a witty and indirect description of its kick. I had energy lasting over four hours, and it was mostly jitter free, and I didn't crash. Each can contains: caffeine(240mg), taurine, several B vitamins, ginseng, and guarana. All in all, while Spider won't set the world on fire, I wouldn't be surprised if several small countries were set ablaze. Meaning; Spider does a lot of things well, but nothing really its own.

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